Director: Anna Martinetz

Cinematographer: Jakob Wiessner

Sound: Martial Kuchelmeister

Editing: Heike Parplies, Anna Martinetz / Florian Duffe (44 min Version)

Producer: Alex Böhm, Toni Nottebohm

Music: Markus Lehmann - Horn

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a Film by / ein Film
von Anna Martinetz​


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Locations: Vienna, Munich

Tel.: +49 15233861104


Production Company: HFF Munich, Ferdinand Freising



CAST (Filmography)

Korinna Krauss

Martin Butzke (”The Downfall” / Hirschbiegel)

Michael Kranz ("The White Ribbon" / Haneke, "Inglourious Basterds" / Tarantino)

Marion Krawitz

Else: Korinna Krauss

Dorsday: Martin Butzke

Paul: Michael Kranz

Cissy: Marion Krawitz

Aunt Emma: Katalin Zsigmondy

"Arthur Schnitzler in Indien" - Kinofestival


Anna Martinetz, Amalienstr. 73B, 80799 München, Email:

Tel.: +49 15233861104


Trailer "Fräulein Else" a film by Anna Martinetz from toni nottebohm on Vimeo.